Bug fixes and other updates!

Hey friends! Please download the latest files on itch! Please make a backup of your save.json to ensure you do not lose any progress! If you are using the mac app, please copy the save.json file located within the old app (Right click, show package contents -> contents -> save.json) and paste the save.json in the new app (Right click, show package contents -> contents -> past save.json here).

The update fixes several bugs.

The gambler class (chase) had a bug related to its animation when attacking and has been fixed.

The foreman class (cole promotion) had a bug related to its icons not being loaded properly and has been fixed.

The quest system had bugs which allowed more than required items to be collected for quests and as a result would not allow them to be completed. This has been fixed and quests will now allow >= requirements.

The Volkor Peak dungeon had incorrect warps when going backwards through the dungeon and has been fixed with correct warps and will auto put you at the start of the maps in question. If you were previously stuck at this location please log in, open your save, equip and unequip an item or party member, close the app and reopen it. You should now be at the start.

I apologize for the number of critical bugs everyone has found and I hope that this quick response will nip them in the bud.

Thank you all for playing Pixelot!


Pixelot.exe 80 MB
Apr 06, 2020
Pixelot-Mac.zip 80 MB
Apr 06, 2020
Pixelot.jar 80 MB
Apr 06, 2020

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