Pixelot - Release 2!

Hey friends! I am super excited to announce that the new update for pixelot is here! Here is whats new for this version!

  • Sail to the island of Wyrm. 
  • Face powerful pirates, monsters, demons, and dragons. 
  • 3 new story dungeons and 1 side dungeon. 
  • Collect 2 more crystals, boosting your offense and defense statistics. 
  • Several new side quests. 
  • Recruit 4 new recruitable characters / classes. 
  • Compete in the Arena Boss and Monster challenges.
  • Use the map feature to quickly warp to previously discovered locations. 
  • Use the blacksmithing feature to upgrade your favorite items. 
  • Updated ability and crystal interfaces 
  • Global graphics update including tiles, abilities, sprites, and text 
  • Fixed hundreds of bugs 
  • Class promotions! Reach level 60 to promote your hero!

I have been working diligently on Pixelot for the last 4 years. This game has been a huge passion of mine! Growing up playing games such as Pokemon, Fire emblem, and Final Fantasy, I always dreamed of making my own game that combines my favorite aspects of rpgs. 

I initially released pixelot last spring, and i got a lot of feedback about how great the game is, and about improvements people thought I should implement. I have really worked hard this last year to create an update that extended the content of the game dramatically and implement the feedback that I recieved. 

I created the world map feature so that people could fast travel back to locations they have been (Similar to flying in pokemon). I added the upgrade system to add more depth to the character customization and importance of items. This also gives people a little more to do after they finish the game! I added a tutorial map to the start of the game to help people get used to the controls, battle system, and explain equipping items. I added a more detailed view for viewing your spells and crystal abilities so that people could better understand how they work. I also added little ! notifications when your characters get a new attack, spell, or ability, so that you are always in the loop about how your characters are changing as they level up. I added a lot more story content so people could really grasp where the game is headed and the overall plot!

I really hope that you guys love this new update as much as I do and I am really excited to hear what you guys think and implement more feedback! This is a huge milestone in my journey developing this game, but the journey is not over and I plan to keep adding more to the game!

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